Linux Web Hosting

Linux is the most popular operating system among web hosting plans and it’s the most affordable. If you’re going to use an entry level hosting plan, chances are it will be using Linux. The following table lists web hosting providers that offer linux hosting. For your convenience, you can sort the table by any column by clicking on the little arrows.

What to Look for When Choosing Linux Web Hosting

There are several operating systems out there but Linux and Windows are the two most commonly used. Linux and Windows offer you the opportunity for FTP access or File Transfer Protocol from your desktop to the Web server. But Linux is the only operating system that generates Telnet or SSH access. What does this mean to you? It means that you can manipulate files directly on the Web server by using Unix command line commands. Please follow for more core web hosting information.

Linux web hosting has been amply named LAMP. This is because the features are Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. These features offer the solutions for those in need of a Linux web hosting service. The Perl programming, PHP programming and MySQL database are the tools for an effective use of the hosting service. What this platform offers is flexibility to take advantage of the best open-source technologies within a very reasonable budget for individuals and companies.

What has made the difference in Linux becoming more popular is the advanced technology developed by IT professionals. It is now more secure, has better performance and inexpensive. The only web technology features that do not work well with Linux are ASP and The open source programs, MySQL, PERL and PHP have dramatically cut down the cost of Linux web site hosting.

What to look for when choosing Linux web hosting services begins with 24/7 customer service support. This is important for any web development novices and also for those that have been at it a while. At the rate of new technology development, the customer service support is critical in times of change and transition. Also, end user interactive tools should be available that provide understanding and confidence to operate a successful web site. The tools and features should be accessible with no confusion.

Another feature that is very strong with Linux is the security programming that comes with a really good web hosting service. Security is one of the strong points of the Linux operating system. And, even though open source programs compile these features for Linux, optimum security is offered without compromising the working process of the server and there is very little downtime.

What is important about Linux is that it offers four things that most people are looking for when choosing a web host service. Those four things are cost, effectiveness, security and reliability. Linux web host companies should offer trained professionals who provide technical support and other elements to give you what you need to operate an effective site

If the ASP and programs are not a requirement, then Linux web hosting companies can provide the quality you are looking at very reasonable prices. With technological advancement developing at a a rapid rate, the competition for offering web services that provide the tools and features end users need is growing as well. Linux has certainly grown superbly over the years and now offers those four vital elements for successful web presence. These elements are cost, effectiveness, reliability and security. These are the qualities you should look for when choosing Linux web hosting.

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