VPS Web Hosting

If your sites grows out of a shared hosting plan, a VPS web hosting plan can be the answer. VPS offers a lot more resources for higher traffic sites as well as more control if you need more customization of your server – it’s just a step behind having your own dedicated server for a much lower price. The following table lists VPS web hosting providers: www.hostmama.ro/vpshosting.php.

What to Look for When Choosing VPS Web Hosting

Over the last few years the necessity of web presence for companies and individuals has greatly enhanced the need for web hosting services. However, the high costs have made it necessary to improvise. Verio, which is one of the leading data companies, stated in 2010 that the cost of building one data centre is about $600 per square foot and these centres range from 30,000 to 130,000 square feet meaning it costs about $18-$72 million for one data centre. Every client who needs theses services gets three servers; for the site and functioning code, for the database and thirdly for security and access. This creates the need to partition physical servers into manageable virtual private servers (VPS).

The VPS is more than just a shared server but less than a dedicated server. Each server runs on a fully-fledged operating system and can be rebooted at any time but uses the same physical hardware. Additionally each server gets its own RAM and disk like in dedicated hosting but uses the same CPU capacity like in shared hosting. The advantages are legend including “burstable” RAM reserved for special events to counter digg-effects. Moreover, VPS allows server level customization and finally, it is 30-40% cheaper than dedicated hosting according to research by Ensim Corp which is one of the pioneers in the industry. It is good to know what to look for when choosing VPS web hosting and here are a few tips:

Pricing – unlike other services, taking the cheapest hosting offer can lead to devastating results. If the hosting company is running on a shoe-string budget, it compromises your business .A reasonable price gives you the confidence that the host company can stay afloat and support you.
Memory capacity – the performance of your VPS hosting largely depends on the RAM you have on your hands. RAM influences all activities from power consumption to speed and efficiency. For a small website, 512 MB is sufficient but for multiple websites on a single host you need more memory preferably 2 GB and above. Also check whether the provider offers burstable RAM for backup when choosing.
Server control panel – there are several options of panels such as WHM or Plesk but if you know what to look for when choosing VPS webhosting, the main thing should be user-friendliness. It makes administration tasks such as debugging and creating email accounts much easier (see www.servere-vps.com).
Level of customer support – check whether the technical and customer service is dedicated because this type of hosting doesn’t have many standard operations as compared to shared web hosting. Evaluate their enthusiasm to assist before even purchasing a package.
Versatility – the best VPS provider will offer a multiple set of hosting plans. In most cases, these providers allow customization and this should determine who you pick. Whether you are a small or big website, then the provider should be able to cater to your needs such as memory as capacity dictates.

Now that you know what look out for when choosing VPS web you have a chance to bridge the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting at an amazing price.

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